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Embark on the journey of discovering your personal myth, a narrative that mirrors the scripts you live out in your life. Myths serve as shining examples, enduring through centuries to offer insights into our unconscious narratives.

Consider whether you align with figures like Kassandra, Psyche, Persephone, or Ariadne. If your myth remains elusive, delve into your dreams and visions, the messengers of your imagination. Recurring symbols hold mythic messages; decode them using your imagination and knowledge of humanity’s myths.

Reflecting on my own experiences, dreams of wounded mice and a shattered porcelain vase emerged during a period of mourning. Some of the mice, however, transformed into elephants. There was only one elephant at a time, and I was magically drawn to track his path. The other task was to create from the shards a new vessel.

Dreams echoing myths

These dreams are echoing the myth of Isis reconstructing Osiris. Osiris, her beloved husband, and king, had been murdered, dismembered, and scattered over the land. Isis travelled the land searching for the limbs and thanks to these eventually gave birth to Horus, a son of Osiris. Horus became ruler and reformed the kingdom.

Like Isis, I had to reform my kingdom, facing mistreated creatures and shattered porcelain, symbolizing the need for personal transformation. I had to mature and hand the smaller animals over to the youth. Now I could follow the path of the wise elephant.

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Sonne Intitaita Schamanismus

Myths unfold and evolve

The journey took an unexpected turn with a severe accident, plunging me into a state of helplessness. This moment of vulnerability brought a profound shift. In the street, not only did I fall into practical helplessness, my brain rewired. My leg got a new default position as zig-zagged. Straight was over for some time. And my psyche reacted. Instead of the nightly weak ghosts, friendly helpers emerged in the light of the day.

The radical and complete helplessness did not fit with rigidity and performance standards. These yielded place for gratefulness and the focus on what really matters. Gratitude and flexibility found a completion in the committed action of my helpers.

Yet, the myth continued unfolding. A new dream spirit guide hinted at a shift towards feminine principles in my reformed kingdom.  The new dream mentor was a young lady, a professor of humanities. She helped with a smile. What new myth will she bring about? The journey unfolds, and myths may change over different life stages.

Remember, your myth isn’t an unalterable fate; it’s a call to shift worldviews and beliefs for the better. May you discover a myth that leads to a fortunate and fulfilling narrative, although enabling your transformation. Explore and find your own myth.

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