Tarot for Clarity

Kreatives Tarot Lebensmitte Chancen Tarot

Tarot for Clarity

Tarot is my place of very longtime experience - and I always appreciate it. The rich imagery is inspiring. The dialogue between you and my will deepen what we discover as a further dimension.

Do you want to know what the universe can send you as an advice in a given problematic situation? There you are: the Tarot is helpful and it is so in an entertaining way.

The question or intention you are bringing to the table prompts me to create a card spread that we then can read. the exchange is crucial.

A session will take more than one hour, take your time!

Besides the most familiar Tarot decks I use a series of special editions and oracle cards. You can choose from the beginning. In most cases, we spontaneously find during the reading which oracle cards to address in addition.


15 + 6 =

My Come-to-Know-Taraot for 30,- €

Just because it is also big fun besides the deep meanings found, I offer this insanely cheap reading. And it is also available in case you cannot afford a regular price and urgently need the Tarot.

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Coaching with Imagination

AbstractLand1 Jungian Coaching

Jungian Coaching

You're stuck in a dilemma and want a solution in the very near future. You want to manifest the results soon. In this case, the imaginative coaching is a good choice. With a few sessions only you can actualize your worldview and overcome blockages.

You don't feel at ease, but there are doubts nagging in your current situation. To me this signals that there are already moving messages from your unconscious psyche. Let us have them emerge to consciousness. This is the way to your desired solution and decision. You will become self assured again and enjoy clarity in your relationships.

Imaginative works when you have an image or scenery emerging from your unconscious. With a treasure of images and symbols we can awaken your imagination focused on your intention. Maybe you are experiencing a phase of the hero's journey. Have a dialogue with your symbol and discover the desired solution. Your ego talks with your Self.


1 + 13 =

Jungian Coaching trial session for 30,- €

For a limited time, to about March 2024, this sspecial offer is available. You can book three sessions for this special price as a new client.

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Shamanic Energy Medicine

Energiearbeit Chakren Steine Jungian Coach Schamanismus

Take care of your energy field

If you want to take your first steps into Shamanic Energy Medicine, I will invite you into the sacred space and make you familiar with your luminous energy field and the chakras. You will learn how to open the sacred room and how to feel the energy field. We will visit the chakras and cleanse them. You may be happy to get decoupled from stress and find harmony in the earthly rhythms of life.


Dies ist die Kernpraxis der Schamanen der Four Winds Society. Wir spüren auf, wo Dein Energiefeld belastet ist und reinigen das entsprechende Chakra. Wahrscheinlich hast Du in seinem Wirkungsbereich auch schon körperliche Symptome. Durch die Illumination reinige ich das Chakra von dunklen und schweren Energien und nähre es mit lichten Energien.


Wenn Du schon etwas vertraut mit der schamanischen Energiearbeit bist, kann ich Dir auch eine Seelenreise anbieten. Diese folgt einer bestimmten Intention, die Du mitbringst, Beschwerden, die Du loswerden willst und auch Transformation, die Du erreichen möchtest.


5 + 1 =

Energetisch-Schamanisches zum Kennenlernen für 30,- €

Je nach Vorkenntnissen: Einstieg in die Arbeit mit dem leuchtenden Energiefeld oder Seelenreise.

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