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Living One's Values Sovereignly

We act from a soul contract when we blindly follow, don't have to think, but act from the whole person. With a whole series of such contracts, we shape our individual lives.

Unfortunately, there are also outdated, unconscious soul contracts. They manifest in everyday life as a blockade, a fear, or anger that sabotages actions and causes us to miss the goal. Under the influence of a harmful soul contract, you may perceive yourself as less sovereign in challenging situations.

If you suffer from such inhibiting soul contracts, you can nullify and replace them on a soul journey.

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Automatically restricted

As very young children and as part of our families, we act much less rationally and autonomously than we believe. Many patterns unconsciously developed in reaction to the environment or as an adoption of unspoken traditional behavior. These autonomous behavioral patterns are deeply rooted and endure.

It starts with roles within the family: some roles are occupied, so you're not supposed to take them. Others you should fulfill. This has little to do with you. Therefore, giving up and avoiding will also manifest in symptoms. Perhaps walking hurts or your throat. Often there are neck pains and spine problems.

In both cases, soul contracts govern us, which don't always have to be bad but unfortunately often are. Since they are autonomous, they were never consciously recognized as beliefs. We address this on the soul journey. Moreover, we renew the contract constructively.

Fearlessness, being free from fear and chronic haste, is the realm of the Spirit Jaguar. He sees in the night, perceives what you don't recognize during the day, integrates content from the unknown and unconscious. For security.


Your inner Warrior-Animal

Today, women and men often suffer because they have lost contact with their inner predator or at least deny it. We were raised as tame cuddly cats, while tigers, leopards, lions, and wolves were banished.

The problem is that the predator becomes demonic in exile. It turns against the suppression by ourselves. Your power animal is locked in a tight chamber by the soul contract, where it becomes sick. Your spirit animal would do no harm in freedom and in your service; instead, it would assert your rights and your position. In times of distress, it may tend to outbreaks. These can be breakdowns that you suffer. You may also react very irrationally.

Shaping the soul contract provides access to these strong, intelligent, and assertive power animals. On your soul journey, you come into contact with your personal warrior animal and its special qualities.

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Dreieck der Heldenreise, Puma Krafttier

When Your Power Animal Is Banished

If a soul contract has tied your hands or forbidden your mouth, then your warrior power animal must hide. Perhaps that made sense a long time ago, but not now.

It is necessary that you defend and assert yourself, that you can make your plan and walk your path. The energies you need for this are warrior-like. You set boundaries, show steadfastness, enforce your standards. The retreat and yielding, stepping back in front of others, you can afford only for a limited time.

Shamans accept the power animals and appreciate them because they beautifully express a person's character. Early on, shamans observe a child's peculiarities that indicate certain power animals. A good thing, in my opinion. It allows for imagination and exploration of possibilities.

Come and Get to Know Your Power Animal

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