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The Otherworld has called!

It is Time for your Future

The Otherworld has called you. Embark on the journey and discover the unique path to your personal world of possibilities and opportunities, where chaos transforms into cosmos.

In the Otherworld, you will update your soul navigation. You will find your enchanted garden and the strength to fulfil wishes for the future.

You can rebirth your inner, luminous warrier and the warrioress.

Anderswelt Seelenreise Schamanismus Garten

Get your Dreams back

I know you love this world and are committed. You're doing well. You are secure in the external, taking on your duties and responsibilities. That's fine and also a matter of character. However, if you lose sight of yourself and increasingly fulfil expectations, it's not good for you. 

When you start listening to the Otherworld, traveling, and questioning it, you discover your calling and can bring it into the everyday world. Perhaps you have discomfort, a twinge, dreams that you don't process. These are all signs of the call. You are part of the great dream with which the universe unfolds. Trust yourself.

Reclaim your dreams!

„Whether we realize it or not, we are all dreaming the world into being.“

(Alberto Villoldo)

Find in the Otherworld who you truly are

Reunion with a wish

There are wishes of which we ourselves no longer know. Once they were part of our child's soul, but we had to give them up back then. What remained was a wound or a lack. Important moods and feelings were no longer allowed to exist. A veil fell over our childlike consciousness. And that needs to be healed.

On the journey to the lower world, we can correct the misconceptions of childhood that we assumed due to a lack of acceptance. But only on the journey to the upper world, where we are asking for help and gifts, can we rediscover the forbidden and forgotten wish.

On my first journey to the upper world, I found my parents arm in arm, happily connected, because deep in my heart, I had wished them the joy of love, mutual understanding, and tolerance, the pleasure of being together. After my mother's death, I wished her that she could now live with my father in the upper world, what couldn't be achieved in this earthly life.

Robert Bly and the Inner Warriors

Robert Bly believes that children in dysfunctional families, which he contends are all families to some extent, relinquish their inner warriors, those who defend their moods:

In the course of this process, as per Bly, the child relinquishes a crucial aspect of its emotional resilience. When this inner warrior is in jeopardy, it can no longer protect the child's emotional landscape. However, these emotions are necessary to authentically face the challenges of life. Particularly, the authentic expression of feelings and understanding can suffer as a result. 

Bly's perspective underscores the importance of recognizing and nurturing the innate emotional strength in every individual. He advocates for an environment that allows the inner warrior to flourish instead of succumbing to familial challenges. It's worth noting that Bly primarily focuses on men in this context.

"However, when we are children, our moods in dysfunctional families are easily overwhelmed and swept away by the more powerful, dominant, and terrifying moods of the parents. One could say that the inner warriors, unable to protect our mood from destruction or defend our bodies against invasion, collapse, fall into trance, or die."

(Robert Bly, Eisenhans, München 1991, S. 208)


Do not give up your magical gifts from the Otherworld!

You are invited

Let me accompany you journeying into your Otherworld

Step by step, you can get to know your Otherworlds. Do you already know a landscape you want to travel to? A clear intention will show it!

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Mutter und Tochter


Change toxic Constellations

A soul contract is more than a belief because unconsciously it acts as a wordless action strategy. Such traumatic soul contracts can be uncovered, discarded, and replaced with purposeful ones.

In shamanic teachings, I met numerous women who had never experienced genuine motherly love. Some lost their mothers early; others were not accepted in their essence. We all knew what it was like to be completely misunderstood, not seen, or misrepresented.

Journeys into the Otherworlds helped improve our perspectives and options for action. We updated our attitude. From the journey to the Lower World, we brought back the new soul contracts. From the Upper World, we obtained hints about our calling and purpose in this life. It was worth it.

You are invited

Let me accompany you journeying into your Otherworld

You want to change something, resolve a blockage, transform an old strategy of the child's soul. Write me about your concern.

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What clients say

jungianisches Coaching Ego-Selbst-Achse Brücke Verbindung Perspektiven

Finding back to yourself

Thanks to Ingrid I am aware of who I essentially am. That was a well needed help for me. I have gained my selfesteem back. Now, I know that I do not need to diminish myself in order to be accepted. It is instead about finding those people who know and appreciate my true value. Ingrid is friendly, honest and highly qualified.

jungianisches Coaching Ego-Selbst-Achse Brücke Verbindung Perspektiven

Recognizing Relationship Patterns

The patterns of relationship in my family were disclosed. Ingrid could show me the structures and functions exactly. I am now sure and optimistic to make my way forward with clarity. Ingrid convinces with deep understanding and highly structured working. Therefore her messages have reached me despite the fog and some resistance. I recommend Ingrid to others.

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"Be the star people seek. If you can't be that, be the mistake they need."

Jeffrey Kastenmüller

Whether we realize it or not, we are all dreaming the world into being.

(Alberto Villoldo*)

(Jeffrey Kastenmüller, Ich bin ein Fehler und ich liebe es, München, 2021; Courageous Dreaming (S.1).*Hay House. Kindle-Version.)

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