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Your Djinni from the Depths

Du hast ein Genie

Djinni is your special spirit of the depths and of your calling.

Come to know your Djinni. It is your very special spirit, that makes you unique. Here, I call this genius Djinni; you can call your personal genius with another name. Get in contact with this subtle being - it is your essence and will enable you to express what you truly are and made for. It is how you make a difference in the world.

Perhaps you haven't properly acquainted yourself with your ingenious being yet. That's entirely natural because so many external standards are imposed that no one can meet. In my opinion, nobody should, as people are in the world to bring their uniqueness as a contribution.

Genius originally refers to the unique qualities that everyone brings, making a difference. Your Djinni will replace the wrong standards you set for yourself. It will shatter your old habits of the too-narrow comfort zone and lead to personal growth.

Just because each individual is unique in the world we need a long time after birth to adapt to the outer world and what is working there at that time. But this is not the end! Life is change and evolution. Over-adaptation will put the Djinni in the bottle under pressure. Therefore, the bottle can burst and the spirit break out uncontrollably and produce damage.

Djinni Genie Tiefe


Your Djinni makes you alive.

In case you are already friend with your genius, you should feel treading on the right path and being in flow. There is ease and the direction is clear. In this happy case, the Djinne is an inner voice or an inner ally.

If you neglect it, you will always feel somehow wrong. You will attempt one thing after another to achieve something in the world, in sports, in work, in hobbies. You may torment yourself with self-criticism. Or you slowly give up, withdraw because life seems hollow. You can make endless sentences with "because" and "if, then" that help you remain immobile.

But behind all this discomfort are only the calls of your Djinni, who wants to be finally saved from the bottle. There is your life energy, your joy, the warmth in your heart, and humor. You could dance and finally find people who are also freeing their Djinnis from the bottle.


Blaue Blume Porträt für Sternenlicht

You are invited

Let us talk about your open questions.

In a first session, we can talk about your question and the best way to solve your problem. 

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Ingrid Create Destiny Gemma quest Coaching Tarot
Mutter und Tochter

Listen to your own inner voice as your compass.

Ghosts of the Zeitgeist


In today's time, a new ghost is haunting, or rather, it is being carried around. People are being frightened by artificial intelligence with statements that AI will replace many of us. No, it will not!!!

We are not replaceable. We are the reason for AI. It is supposed to make our lives easier, take on cumbersome tasks, save us time that we can spend more productively and creatively. And AI needs to be fed with our desires. That is its source of energy.

So, do not be discouraged by the ghost of the Zeitgeist. Instead, read the signs of the times. Read your opportunities in them.

Sources of Power in the Psyche and the Otherworld

Mit dem Djinni besitzt Du Kraftquellen in der Tiefe Deiner Psyche, die mit den kosmischen Energien in Verbindung stehen, die Du benötigst, um Deinem eigentlichen Wesen gerecht zu werden. Wenn Du eine Zerrissenheit fühlst vor Deinem Weg, dann fehlt Dir der Rat aus dieser Ebene. Auch wenn Deine Beziehungen nicht so richtig funktionieren, kann es gut daran liegen, dass Du Dich nicht in Deinem wahren Wesen zeigst und sogar an den falschen Leuten orientierst. streiten. Das muss nicht so bleiben. Du kannst Deinen Weg klar erkennen und auch Deine Leute.

Dazu kannst Du verschiedene Wege wählen und auch kombinieren. Ein tiefenpsychologisches Coaching kann Dir vor allem kurz- und mittelfristig helfen, Dich besser zu sehen und innere Konflikte zu lösen. Die schamanische Seelenreise kann sehr tiefgehen und Dein verstecktes Djinni hervorholen und ans Licht bringen. Auch Tarot- und Orakelkarten sind ein Weg, sich von der Anderswelt inspirieren zu lassen. Es liegt an Deiner Problemstellung und an Deinem Anliegen, was jetzt gut für Dich ist.  Fang einfach mit dem an, was Dich gerade anspricht.

You are invited

Ich helfe Dir, Dein Djinni kennenzulernen. Finde Deine Intuition, Kreativität und Dein Genie

Du bist mutlos geworden, hast Dich von der medialen Vielfalt an Gespenstern des Zeitgeists erwischen lassen? Ich treibe diese Gespenster aus!

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Ingrid Create Destiny Gemma quest Coaching Tarot


What clients say

jungianisches Coaching Ego-Selbst-Achse Brücke Verbindung Perspektiven

Finding back to yourself

Thanks to Ingrid I am aware of who I essentially am. That was a well needed help for me. I have gained my selfesteem back. Now, I know that I do not need to diminish myself in order to be accepted. It is instead about finding those people who know and appreciate my true value. Ingrid is friendly, honest and highly qualified.

jungianisches Coaching Ego-Selbst-Achse Brücke Verbindung Perspektiven

Recognizing Relationship Patterns

The patterns of relationship in my family were disclosed. Ingrid could show me the structures and functions exactly. I am now sure and optimistic to make my way forward with clarity. Ingrid convinces with deep understanding and highly structured working. Therefore her messages have reached me despite the fog and some resistance. I recommend Ingrid to others.

"Be the star people seek. If you can't be that, be the mistake they need."

Jeffrey Kastenmüller

Whether we realize it or not, we are all dreaming the world into being.

(Alberto Villoldo*)

(Jeffrey Kastenmüller, Ich bin ein Fehler und ich liebe es, München, 2021; Courageous Dreaming (S.1).*Hay House. Kindle-Version.)

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