Destiny or Revolt?

Are you living resignation or revolt?

Destiny or/and revolt: can they be reconciled? How do you recognize what it really is? How does it feel?

Living our destiny arises from fate or karma if we consciously choose it. As long as we deny ourselves, the ego will assert itself and orient itself externally, leading to either revolt or resignation. Destiny would be to be at peace with oneself.

Destiny as Flow

When you discover your destiny or simply follow its path without thinking, it feels easy, naturally light. Perhaps you believe it's an exception because you're doing something different than usual and expected. You find yourself in a role that was not expected of you, especially by yourself. But you feel that energy from the heart is now flowing into your actions. The ego offers no resistance because it feels supported and balanced. You have found your way!


Destiny Bestimmung

Main Road Resignation

Resignation is the highway of the very obedient children. If you only want to fulfill the wishes of your parents, it is self-sacrifice, but also if you want to fulfill the wishes of your partner. Too comfortable for a rebellion and unaware of destiny, one falls into it like a lump.

After a stroke of fate, one can move from revolt to resignation. One can also live out revolt against parents in sync with resignation towards a partner. This makes it doubly difficult. One often finds conflicting duties within oneself and can eventually feel crushed.


Obedient children quit

More often than expected, a top manager suddenly clears the desk and leaves. Of those I know, one left the top of something to start an orange plantation. Another wanted to write. Many retire early. In English, it is then said, "He/she has resigned." Yes, many top managers feel at the height of success that they wish for something completely different, pursuing a calling. They have gone the path of resignation for years. Of course, a harsh fate can also lead to a reversal and transformation. Lack of opportunities on the career path often triggers an alternative attempt. Some of my fellow students suddenly turned to solar energy, others to music or pottery.

Resignation Destiny Fate Calling Bestimmung Schicksal

Revolt as a third Way

If you have not yet experienced and recognized your destiny, you could resignedly and adaptively do what your parents have always wished for. But you can also do what they never liked so much. That is revolt; you go against the grain, not just against your parents but also against yourself.

Revolt is a path full of sacrifice for an idea or a cause. It feels like a good idea to improve the world. Often, the ego's will is underneath, to prove something to the world. "And I can do it." "You will see." "In the end, you will also realize it." "It is for your own good." Unfortunately, the path of revolt is rocky and bumpy. It often proves to be more prolonged than thought. Success is by no means guaranteed. It is a way to fully experience karma.

Through Karma to Calling

Both the highway of resignation and the third way of revolt can be understood as karmic paths. Some affirm karma, while others rebel against it, unable to win without this uprising. Many rebels end up in the arms and chairs of the government.

That is because destiny, meaning, or dharma can only be found and lived through karma. No one can change their birth situation unless they are born dead. The task is to accept fate in such a way that the path of destiny and calling is soon found. It becomes a weave of karmic and dharma threads. It can take a long time. You can seek support.

Helpers on the Path

There are advisers and critics, but also helpers. Some push a person even more intensely in the wrong direction, while others pull the cart out of the swamp. For example, patiently suggesting that someone is not suitable for something is a provocation of resistance. The challenged ego now wants to prove even more that it can do it. The entire "you are not good enough" triggers the opposite of what it aims for. And often, it is said out of competitive thinking. Judgments condemn here.

A helper pays attention to where someone feels genuine and happy. I would ask where you are in your element, what you like to do, or what you don't want to do without.

Reading the Signs of Destiny

Our destiny sends signs and calls repeatedly. These callings need to be noticed and read well. It will not always be easy. For example, in my case in France: I experienced a year of study in which I was completely in sync with myself with a body-text seminar and Freinet pedagogy. Surely, this led me to the desire not to leave there anymore. But I did not dare to think far enough. I did not dare to conclude either to continue this path in France or to go the same way in Germany. I resigned and continued in Germany in the old rut.

It cost me many detours to finally accept my calling because I was incredibly stubborn in my attitude. Everything I really liked and was good at was allowed to be a hobby at best.

Examine as early as possible which path you are on and whether you are integrating and following your calling.

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