At the Heart of Shamanism lies the Core of your true Self

Unveiling the essence of Shamanism
Ccore Shamanism energy medicine

The Essence of Shamanism

The core, akin to the inner center of a fruit containing seeds for the future, symbolizes the essence of traditional shamanism. In this context, core shamanism represents the beating heart of the shamanic tradition. Healers guide us to discover the dormant seeds within, escorting us on a transformative journey toward wholeness.

This heart of shamanism embraces soul journeying as a venture into profound depths, celebrating the universe as a living, creative force. Every person holds a glimmer of the creative spirit within them.

Shamans journey to the otherworld where matter and spirit unite at the source. They extend their work beyond the individual, embracing the earth and stars as earthkeepers.

Soul Mapping

Embark on an exploration of your inner landscapes—the scenes and sketches that form your reservoir of cherished memories and desires. These landscapes may hold profound connections. A remembered or envisioned scene may call out to you.

 For instance, the sea beckoned to a friend of mine, drawing her back to the shores where she walked as a child with her father. This powerful pull led her to relocate, transforming her initial plan into destiny.

 Inner landscapes may pose conundrums or riddles. I experienced this when emerging from a clinic during my recovery. I dreamt of floating on a raft over an endless ocean, accompanied by my dogs. It was a radical period of introspection and self-focus.

 Take your inner landscapes seriously and explore their meanings.

Core Shamanism Pathfinder

Discover your spirit Animal

Spirit animals come to us because of shared characteristics. In ancient times, people recognized the bush soul of another through these connections. Carl Jung, for instance, was deemed a bear by the Elgoni in Africa, who observed his bear-like descent down stairs.

 During soul journeying, you may encounter your spirit animal. A strong affinity is felt as you approach each other.

 Spirit helpers transcend the animal realm. They can take human form or manifest among plants, stones, and tools. Have you collected precious or special stones over the years? Each may hold a common story and message. Guided by a shaman, this exploration becomes more accessible.

Core Shamanism Pathfinder
Erde Mutter Erde Pachamama Schamanismus

Vision Quest appreciated

Vision quests remain integral to core shamanism, gaining significance as modern healers observe a longing for meaningful visions of the future. The search for destiny has surpassed that of soul retrieval, signalling a shift away from dwelling on past wounds and traumas. It is now more urgent than ever to don a new cap and commit to a better future for ourselves and the planet.

To effect change, rediscover the art of being enchanted by your world. In dreamwork, move beyond focusing solely on biography and consider what the outer world is missing. Through re-enchantment, healing and the path to your best destiny can intertwine.

Core Schamanismus innere Mitte Zentrierung Selbst

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